Contemporary Kitchen

Job Description:

This project is near and dear to our hearts, it was our very first project we did that helped kick us off in the right direction. Not only was this an amazing project to take on but what made it even better, was we built it for a Marine Corps veteran and his growing family. After owning the house for a few years they finally had enough of the funky layout, broken appliances, and small island so they called Ironwood Custom Remodels. Not only were we able to create their ideal kitchen with plenty of storage, we also included a large kitchen island that fit all of their kids, ample amount of countertop space, and we also built their own caffeination station. What more could you ask for in a kitchen like this?

Project Details:



Architect / Designer:

Ironwood Custom Remodels


Ironwood Custom Remodels

Project Length:

7 – 8 weeks


Kitchen, Silver Package