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Below are some helpful questions and answers that our customers often ask about. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions that are not below. We are here to assist in any way.
Yes, we will gladly meet you at a property you are considering purchasing. We charge a fee of $300 per hour for these meetings. During this walkthrough we will dream alittle bit about what you would like to do in the house, discuss project feasibility, and talk about some rough numbers on what your investment may look like for your renovation.
Every project is vastly different, there are many factors that go into play when asking for a price. Some of the key ticket items that drive the remodel prices are moving and removing walls, structural alterations, cabinetry, tile work, and moving electrical, plumbing, and mechanical.
Being a Licensed General Contractor, we are able to do anything from additions and decks to new builds and exterior living, but we specialize in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and whole home remodels and keeping it within the existing structure.
Yes, we do have a contract that clients and contractor will sign to ensure everyone is happy from the start of the project until the end.

Yes, we are licensed and insured, our license number is 86841.

Yes, we do offer a 3 year warranty on all work done as long as it hasn’t been altered after the work has been completed.
We are able to give you an exact price for your project. We would first have to go through a design phase to make sure that all materials and drawings are finalized and up to the clients expectations. Once all decisions are made, we will then be able to provide you with an exact price.
In most cases when we are remodeling, we will have to pull permits. When the price of the remodel is over $30,000 or if we move or add any electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, mechanical, or move any structural walls or alter the floor plan we will have to pull permits.
Each project is a little different, it depends on the complexity and size of the project. On average bathrooms take between 3-6 weeks, kitchens take between 6-10 weeks, whole homes take between 10-16 week.
We like to order the materials early and schedule them to be delivered within a week to two weeks before we start the project. That ensures us that we will not be waiting possibly weeks if not months for specific items.
No, we provide our own port’o jon for all contractors, subcontractors, and workers to use.
No, once we sign the contract the price will not change. Now when we start the demo process and we uncover unforeseen circumstances, there is a chance the price may increase. Or if the clients are wanting to add to the scope of work, we will create a change order and have the clients and contractor sign it prior to us starting.
If you’ve been thinking about a whole home remodel, you’ve probably come up with quite the checklist of areas to update. You may also be eager to get it all done at the same time, doing so may leave you living in a construction zone for a bit.
     • If you did stay in the house during the remodel, it would be easier to do one area at a time. Doing that will allow the contractor to make progress on the remodel but still maintain control over which parts of your home are functional. Just a heads up, in the end this route may be slightly more expensive and take more time.
     • If you don’t mind moving out of your house temporarily, the best route may be to complete the home remodel all at once. With this option, you can get multiple areas renovated at the same time. This route would be the fastest route to take and the most cost effective when it comes down to a home remodel.
We do subcontract a lot of the work to the professionals that specialize in those particular trades. The way we like to explain it to our clients is if you were going in for surgery, you don't want a family doctor or general surgeon to do the work, you want the specialists that practice their specialty daily and have the trade specific tools to do the surgery. That way the finished product will come out with the best results possible. Being the General Contractor, it is our job to bring the best qualified professionals to the table to ensure it is done properly and up to our standards.
We partner with multiple different interior designers, architects, and engineers to create the drawings. All of the architects and engineers that we use are licensed in NC.
This is a very common question, when you Google “how much does a kitchen remodel cost”, the answer doesn’t take into account many specifics as far as demo, special hardware, drawings, permits, company overhead, the list goes on. To be quite honest you cant base your remodel price off of what you read on these websites: angieslist, homeadvisor, thumbtack, houzz, or even google, they can be very misleading.
Unfortunately, we are unable to have the clients provide the material or conduct any of the work.
There is the possibility you may need to move out temporarily, depending on the size of the project and your deadline. If you are only wanting a kitchen or bathroom remodeled, you would be ok to stay in your home. But if you are wanting your entire home remodeled at the same time, it would be best for you to move out for a bit so we can get all our subcontractors in there and knock it out of the park.
This is a great question that we love answering. A couple of the major reasons why clients have chosen us is because we are a “one stop shop” for remodeling. We come in and help you create a vision, then walk you through selecting the material you want in your space, and then we finally bring your dreams and ideas to life. Another great reason is the knowledge that the Ironwood family brings to the table, from the general contractor to all of the subs that we partner with, if there is ever a speed bump or question while working, we ensure it is dealt with properly and handled to make sure we meet the code requirements.
One of the major reasons why contractors charge less is they are not aware of their true operational costs of running their business. When we say operational costs, that is everything behind the scenes to include vehicles and maintenance, insurance, office rent, insurance, healthcare, employee salary, profit, and warranty and callbacks for when your job has been completed.
Unfortunately, no we will not be able to use them on your job unless they are already one of our vetted sub-contractors. We have a strict process for our sub-contractors to go through to ensure they are licensed, insured, produce top of the line work that meets or exceeds our expectations, and works well with our team and our other cub-contractors.
Some of the main reasons to hire a Licensed Contractor for your remodel is they are able to run and complete large jobs, they are knowledgeable in what they do, and lastly they are insured and sometimes bonded. In North Carolina, you have to be a Licensed Contractor to take on a project of $30,000 or more.

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