Fairfield Master
Bath Renovation

Job Description:

When these incredible clients first reached out, they were in search of the perfect team to transform their bathroom into a haven of comfort and style. After engaging with three other contractors, they were still missing that special connection – until they discovered Ironwood Custom Remodels. Their original bathroom lacked good lighting, had an outdated aesthetic, proved challenging to maintain, and lacked the cozy ambiance a bathroom should offer.

At Ironwood, we seized the opportunity to address these concerns and turn their vision into reality. We crafted a bathroom masterpiece featuring a stunning walk-in shower, ample lighting, a refreshed and contemporary appearance, and, perhaps most importantly, utilized materials that are effortlessly easy to keep clean. The result? Pure satisfaction and elation from our clients who couldn’t wait to revel in the luxury of their newly transformed bathroom.

Project Details:



Architect / Designer:

Max Hugo


Ironwood Custom Remodels

Project Length:

6 – 8 Weeks


Bathroom Remodel, Silver package