The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

2023 bathroom trends

At Ironwood Custom Remodel, we’ve helped many homeowners create the bathroom of their dreams. And as we’ve been working on our projects, we’ve noticed a few trends in bathroom design. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorites.

Embrace the minimalist Designs

Minimalist designs are popular because they provide a sleek and modern aesthetic while maximizing functionality. The guiding principle of minimalist design is to eliminate clutter and create a clean, open space. Bathrooms designed with this philosophy appear larger and more spacious.

To achieve the look, start by decluttering and organizing your bathroom. For bathroom remodels, consider which items are unnecessary. Install simple, streamlined fixtures such as wall-mounted toilets and floating vanities. Minimalist storage solutions include built-in shelves or recessed cabinets. These make the most of smaller spaces and keep the space open without sacrificing storage.

Minimalist designs are also associated with tranquility and relaxation. Opt for a neutral color palette, such as whites, grays, or earth tones, to enhance this mood. They will help to maintain a clean and calming atmosphere.

Natrual Materials: Keeping Wellness and Sustainability in Mind

Another trend in home remodeling is the use of natural materials. They add an organic and timeless appeal to the space while also aligning with the modern goals of wellness and sustainability. Natural materials have a unique ability to evoke calmness, connecting us with the tranquility of nature even as we experience the modern comforts of home.

Natural materials can be used throughout the bathroom. Stone or marble for the vanity tops adds an air of luxury to the room. Wooden cabinets or accents made from sustainably sourced wood introduce warmth and texture. Renewable, environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood make excellent flooring options. Just be sure to properly seal moisture-sensitive materials to protect them from steamy showers.

Finish the home remodel with live plants. In the bathroom, they add a touch of personality to an often sterile room, purify the air, and further promote a sense of tranquility.

Invest in Statement Lighting

Investing in statement lighting adds a touch of elegance to a bathroom remodel. Lighting is one of the key factors in the ambiance of a room. It illuminates functional areas and highlights key design features. Designing it carefully can make a dramatic impact.

Bathroom chandeliers over a freestanding tub or in the center of the room can make a striking addition, catching the eye and creating a luxurious feel. Wall sconces or vertical lighting flanking the sides of the vanity mirror ensure adequate lighting for grooming while adding a stylish element. Fixtures that dim will help match the lighting to your current needs and mood—recessed ceiling lights couple general illumination with a clean and discreet look. In the shower area, they can enhance illumination and create a spa-like feel.

Spa-Like Features: Incorporating a Luxurious Touch

To really bring home the spa-like feeling, you can go beyond the lights in the shower. By integrating more elements typically found in high-end spas, you can create a personal oasis in your own home where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

A popular option is a soaking tub. These deep, freestanding tubs provide comfort and relaxation by submerging more of your body in water. Adding hydrotherapy features such as jet or air bubblers will create a truly indulgent bathing experience. A tub tray or ledge will allow you to place candles or a glass of wine.

Compliment the lights in the shower with a rain showerhead. These are large overhead showerheads that create a gentle water flow, designed to simulate the feeling of standing under a soothing rain shower. Body spray jets can add additional sources of water for an

even more soothing experience.

Smart technology allows you to take the spa experience further. Programmable lighting, temperature control, and a smart speaker to control it all without needing to leave the tub or shower will round out the spa experience nicely. For extra relaxation, have your speaker play soothing music or sounds as you bathe.

Create Your Dream Bathrooms with the Expertise of Ironwood Custom Remodel

We’ve seen and taken part in remodels incorporating all of these features. Our extensive experience in creating these atmospheres can be used on your next home remodel project. If it’s time for your bathroom to get an upgrade, contact us to see how we can transform it into a space of luxury and relaxation.

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